April- June 2017

Alpha Youth Series
February 14, 2017
July- Sep
July 5, 2017

It’s great being LOVED by God! His love and goodness towards us is amazing! the gospel teaches us that this LOVE that is received should not be in vain i.e. it should re-bound outwards… towards others! now immediately we think “acts of kindness”, “food parcels”, “hospital visits”, ect. i agree, the gospel message is inclusive of all these things- they are wonderful practical ways to show God’s love i.e. sermons in action! HOWEVER, a love that does not witness about Jesus is simply incomplete. However practical out love is, it has to have JESUS at the center! as Christ- followers we know that people are lost without Him- no matter how much food, clothes and care they receive, every person needs JESUS! As we continue with EVANGELISM throughout 2017… let us remember why we exist as a church- “to know Jesus ans to make Him know”.. that’s IT!

Any authentic church has Jesus as it’s Head. He gives the directives, we follow. Simple. One of His main directives is for us (in the church) to tell others (outside the church) about HIM (see Acts 1:8, Matt. 28:19, 1 Jn. 1:3 and many other scriptures).


In addition to receiving His love by receiving HIM, lets GIVE HIS love by giving (Sharing) Him!

As a Christ-follower, you’ve just been served! 🙂