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July 5, 2017
Arms wide open Notes 19 August 2018
August 21, 2018



Welcome to Eden in the City Church. We’re really chuffed that you could join us this morning- Please feel at ease. We’re an ordinary group of people who have discovered the love and Grace of a personal God- Jesus. We’re imperfect and each one of us finds ourselves in a different place. Some are doing great, experiencing miracles and revelling in God’s grace; others are going through some really tough stuff… and will soon experience restoration of some kind; others are not Christ- followers but have chosen to be part of this community as they explore the reality of Jesus and ask some honest questions. We encourage this- exploring Christianity from INSIDE a church community. Most of us meet here on Sunday mornings; the majority meet in homes on Thursday nights over coffee… chatting and discovering things about God and life; others meet around informal times likes men’s connects, ladies connects, youth groups, or maybe just coffee or breakfast with a friend.


Yep, we’re all on a journey and we all have unique stories- some stories more extravagant than others, some are really sad, some are incredibly interesting… all have in some way been touched and clothed in the beauty of God’s love and grace!


We trust that at Eden in the  city Church, you will discover more about yourself, more about God and more about a church family… a place where you can be yourself; a place where you can discover things about the world; a place where you can discover the plans that God has for this world. This includes His plans for YOU.

So relax, breathe and enjoy the adventure. 🙂